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Artist Application


Thank you for your interest in showing your art with us! The requested information below will help us determine if we are an appropriate venue to showcase your work. Completing this application does not guarantee an exhibition with gallery onesixsix.


First, a little about us:

gallery onesixsix is family-owned and operated. Our focus is on showcasing artists local to Northern New Mexico. We present both solo and multi-artist exhibitions. Our standard commission rate is 30%. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Okay, let’s get started with your contact information:

Are you interested in a solo exhibition, multi-artist exhibition, or both?


Great! Now, let’s hear more about you and your art.

To complete your application:

Examples of Your Art *

Please send a separate email with a few images of your art attached to and include your name in the subject line along with "Artist Application."

If you are interested in a solo exhibition, please provide the following additional information in your email to

  • Potential Exhibition Title

  • Potential Exhibition Tagline
    (can be a favorite quote relevant to your art)

  • Potential Exhibition Image
    (an image of your art that best represents the concept of the potential exhibition)

gallery onesixsix will not post or share any artwork or information submitted during the application process unless an exhibition has been committed to between the artist and the gallery, and only if the aforementioned artwork is to be included in the exhibition.

The completion of this application does not establish a commitment by the gallery to show the applicant's work.

Thanks again for your interest! We look forward to reviewing your application and will get back to you soon.

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