Ian Langham


Ian Langham is a native New Mexican painter in oil and pastel, a ceramicist and a sculptor. After graduating from Los Alamos High School his artistic talent provided opportunities beyond life on the mesas. Ian packed-up his belongings, and his iguana, Herbert, and embarked on a road trip to Chicago. There he enriched his classical foundation through formal training at the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago. Years later upon his return to New Mexico he expanded his media to include traditional Asian pottery throwing and glazing techniques at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He pursued his love for ceramics for over a decade until his health restricted his ability to throw pottery. He continues to work in pen and ink, oil and pastel painting. His work has won multiple awards and his pieces hang in private and public spaces around the world. Ian's heart and eye are forever captivated and inspired by the incomparable vistas of his home state. When his days allow he can be found sitting by a countryside road, on a park bench, or in his backyard sketching the moment before him, capturing landscapes and his many avian friends that visit nearby.  


May 28 - June 21, 2022
Reception: Saturday, May 28   |   4-7PM

"Instinctual human survival pushed my heart and mind to explore outward beyond this life shadowed by pain and isolation. Injured as a young child, I am permanently disabled and experience constant chronic pain from spine damage, neuropathy in my limbs, and debilitating migraines. Neurosurgical intervention has been performed but the nerve damage is permanent and limits my normal daily physical abilities. Somedays the physical pain tempts towards a path of despair. However I remain obtusely optimistic, and gravitate toward beauty and truth. I give a face and form to the absurdity of injustice and the tragedy of pain. I am grateful for moments through my days when I may pursue my craft, though am frustrated that I must bow to the pain and physical limitations. My sketch pad is always within reach whether I pass the day out-of-doors, shaded by trees with the breeze on my face, or must rest at home propped on pillows by a window with a cat at my side.  I treasure time with my loving family and laughing together with friends old and new. I see everyday as a beautiful day; Any day that I am able to create art is an even better day. "